“What impressed me the most was that BCN-Nest tried to connect the need/preference and consider cultural elements in finding the perfect housing for me both times they found housing for me. BCN-Nest did not hesitate to give me recommendations of places beyond my requirements if they thought the place was more suitable for me"
Rara Ridzky, Jakarta, Indonesia
"BCN-Nest was absolutely fantastic in helping me select a Host apartment for my stay here in Barcelona. They were prompt and professional. They were great about sending me a variety of apartments and price ranges to choose from. They took the headache out of apartment hunting!”

Hannah Ibrahim, Arkansas, USA
U. Internacional de Catalunya, Master International Cooperation: Sustainable Emergency Architecture
“Thank you very much for your service, only later on have I understood the full benefits I received by employing you guys. People keep telling me that it is hard to find a good quality place in Barcelona, it takes a long time and costs a lot. One comment from a working friend I had over was: (after she closed her mouth), I can’t believe you live like this! Your placement in the city is excellent, you don’t know how lucky you are!” And I agree. It has been a very good fit.”
Elisa Heimo, Kerava, Finland

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