A small, select pool of studios and apartments.

Although we specialize in Homestays and rooms in Host apartments, we do have a small, select pool of studios and apartments. The owners of which we have worked directly with for many years.


Renting an apartment in Barcelona can be very difficult for students, especially from afar. Unfortunately, rental scams on the Internet are widespread. The language barrier is limiting. There is an extremely high demand for housing; therefore, realtors are not inclined to answer requests from people outside the country. They charge a month’s rent commission, and most property owners ask for proof of employment and income, and bank guarantees.


At BCN-Nest, we work directly with a few reliable property owners. We negotiate directly with them and check out the contracts for you, saving time and costly commissions.

In Barcelona there is always a metro or bus stop close to your home so that you can commute effectively to your school or university.