About Us

Having someone who knows the city help you search for the ideal lodgings is a great comfort that saves time, effort and money.

How BCN-Nest was born

As expatriate mothers living in Barcelona, we became the go-to people that friends and relatives would contact to find housing for study abroad university students. As the number of inquiries increased, we decided to reach out to more people who needed our services.


For the past ten years, we have helped international students make a smooth transition to this fantastic city. Since we are native Spanish speakers and because we know Barcelona, we can help you save time, effort and money. We have created a trusted network of families, hosts, and property owners in safe, upscale neighborhoods with a good connection to the city’s excellent public transportation system.


We have helped hundreds of international students find housing. Several top-notch universities recommend our service in their housing guides. But our best advertising is through word of mouth.

Our team includes former host families and Barcelona residents. BCN-Nest ensures carefully screened housing arrangements, as well as the most personalized services available.